Monday, February 10, 2014


I am a writer.

I am thankful that I am a writer.

Writing is a way of life.  
When things are going well, I write.  
When life is not so right, I write.

Writing is how I think --and figure out what I think-- and who I am at this moment.  It's how I process my day, my week my being--this conversation, that event, this relationship, that  phenomenon.

I am thankful I am a writer.

As I sat in the hospital when my father was sick, when my father was dying-  writing is how I processed the thoughts, the fears, the wonderings that had no where else to go.  The vague thoughts, rogue ideas, and mental meanderings that didn't or couldn't enter conversations with my friends and family found their way to blank spaces in Evernote on my iPad.

Writing is how I talked to God about it all.

Writing is also how I hide and procrastinate... and live.

I am never at a loss for words-- but all words are not created equal.

Some words are written quickly --scribbled on a napkin, stuck in my purse, surfacing perhaps a day later or a year from now to my surprise or puzzlement or delight.

Other words are pondered-- tossed around and  turned over and over to see which angle catches the light just so, creating jewels to be offered at just the right moment.

Casual words written on cards-- signed with love.
Formal words spoken at formal events-- delivered with pomp befitting the circumstance.

Words ooze from my pen, swirling into quick lines and jotted meanings.
Words drip from my fingers onto white spaces creating shapes of lines and letters.

Some words are just for me and never shared.
Other words are for all who take the time to see or hear.

I am thankful I am a writer.

Sometimes I wonder how people who do not write manage to survive.
How do they know what they really think? How do they analyze their responses?

I lay in bed at night before I fall asleep--writing in my head--- my next blog post, a new writing prompt, a poem to sort out my feelings, and my wonderings.  I may wake to find myself with a perfect title for a piece in progress, a  new idea to try,  a next direction with which to experiment-- or an entire piece composed in my dreams.

I am thankful I am a writer.

Several  of my favorite authors have  eloquently told their stories--- why they write, how they write-- and gentle, practical suggestions on how we might write, as well..

The books above will illuminate the writing life for writers in  high school, college or adults

Ralph Fletcher offers the writing life and practical writing suggestions for elementary and middle level children in his several books and on his website.

I am thankful I am a writer.

I dance with the pen.
I sing with nuances.
I paint  with sentences.
I poet my truth
I create my realities
my fictions and my nonfictions.

I am thankful I am a writer.

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Today's Deeper Writing Possibilities

What role does writing play in your life?  How does it influence your thinking, your being and your doing?

Write a poem about writing in your life?

What are other elements play an important role in your life?
For example, you may be a singer, a dancer, a painter, a reader, etc.

Why are you thankful for this identity in your life?
Write a personal essay about being a writer or another identity. 

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