Monday, August 5, 2013


Soon the leaves will redden and begin to fall, the air will chill, and learning will dance into full swing for our students.

We will begin meeting regularly with colleagues and team members to analyze data, determine goals,  plan lessons, create individualized  and learning opportunities for students, develop record-keeping procedures, and all the other things that educators do.

As we engage in all of these activities, we also want to consider and plan for our own learning.

What will we do for ourselves?
How will we continue to grow and develop our best potential?
How will we create individualized  learning opportunities for ourselves?

The Columbus Area Writing Project (CAWP) offers both a comprehensive and localized answer to these questions.

As a local affiliate of the National Writing Project, and through our yearly summer writing institute, CAWP offers entrance into  a  national (and  local) professional development network for educators, the opportunity to become Teacher Consultants, as well as a multitude of  other collaborative learning opportunities.

At the local level, in additional to several summer institutes and other programs, the Columbus Area Writing Project  Fall Forum offers one of the best conferences in our area.

Past keynote speakers have included Sonia Nieto, Troy Hicks, Asma Mobin Uddin, Tom Newkirk, and Jaime Adoff.

With a  new location and new feel, this year's Fall Forum, is promising to be a perfect kickoff to a season of excellent professional development activities and events.

We are excited that JoBeth Allen and J.Patrick Lewis will be with us as keynote speakers for 2013.

In addition, our own CAWP Teacher Consultants will be leading concurrent sessions  related to argumentative writing,  spoken word and slam poetry, flipping classrooms, Google tools and techniques for the classroom, teacher activism and advocacy, LBGTQ  advocacy and support, new nonfiction books,  multimodal literacy across content areas, and much more.

Our conference is large enough to hold the big conversations initiated by our keynote speakers and our session leaders and raise the questions we are all asking , yet small and intimate enough so that every one's voice is heard, and interactions, collaborations, and discussions  are comfortable and productive.

If you are looking for that first fall professional development activity,  I invite you to join us for a day of listening, thinking, talking, sharing, learning, teaching , and writing.

The Columbus Area Writing Project Fall Forum

 Saturday, October 5, 2013
                   Ramseyer Hall @The Ohio State University      29 W. Woodruff Ave.      Columbus, OH 43210
 Click here to Register Today

Additional Professional Development Opportunities and Resources

As you continue to plan for your professional development throughout the year, each of the organizations listed below provides a wealth of resources including: conferences, conventions and other events, books, journals, newsletters, and other publications, as well as online resources.


National Council of Teachers of  English (NCTE)
         Annual Convention        November 21-24, 2013 Boston

National Writing Project  (NWP)
        Annual Meeting              November 21, 2013 Boston (Runs concurrent with NCTE)

International Reading Association (IRA)
      Annual Convention            May 9-12, 2014  New Orleans


 Ohio Council of the International Reading Association (OCIRA)
         Conference                     October 12, 2013    University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash, Ohio

MAZZA Weekend Conference- November 8-9, 2013 Findlay, Ohio

Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (OCTELA)
         Conference                       February 28-March 1, 2014 Worthington, Ohio

OHIOANA Book Festival- May 10, 2014

Ohio Resource Center (ORC)
Comprehensive site for of resources for all Ohio teachers which includes support with Common Core, videos, professional development modules,  lesson plans, online journals,  and more.

Year- Long Opportunities

Choice Literacy      
       Online and traditional Workshops   Fall schedule  Beginning October 4

Literacy Connection
       Celebrating Writers with  Ruth Ayres      September 28,2013 and April 5, 2014
       Celebrating Writers Study Group Professional Development Workshops 

What do you want to learn this year?
How will you develop as a teacher?

Today's Deeper Writing Possibilities

Regardless of your profession, reflect on the kinds of learning in which you would like to engage both professionally and personally.

What do you need to learn?
What knowledge do you need to gain?
What strategies and techniques do you need to add to your  repertoire?
What is the best way to learn  these things?

Write a professional or personal development plan, including the desired learning or strategies, resources and methods to support the learning, as well as specific classes, books, or other publications that will assist you as you learn.

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