Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cinderella--Then and Now


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by Robin Holland

 Then my father was alive
     rich and and powerful in my eyes

Now he is gone--leaving behind
    the family that he couldn't see
    didn't want me.

 Then I was the fire burning in his eyes
    the light of his life.

Now I am covered in ashes
    of a dying fire.

Then I was dressed in rich fabrics
    elegant styles
    spoiled in reasonable luxury.

Now I wear the cast off rags,
    robes of hate and disdain.

Then I was loved and I loved.
Now I am used and abused.

Then I was... Now I am not

redressed me
refined me
redefined me

and sent me to the ball.

danced with me
saw me
heard me.

Now I am rich and powerful in his eyes
in my eyes.

I am alive still
alive anew.

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