Wednesday, July 2, 2014


 Writing Ever After

The  Columbus Area Writing Project 2014 Summer Institute is over.

The daily dose of writing... and talk about writing... and teaching and learning and students and classrooms... and all manner of other things is over.

The guaranteed uninterrupted writing time and opportunity for immediate responses in writing group is over.

So what do we do now?

Will we keep writing? Will we continue to value our time for creation and composition? Will we still seek responses to our writing?

Will we continue to every day think I need to write about that?  Will we continue to be in what Donald Graves called the constant state of composition?

What we do next is important.

What we do next will determine whether the summer institute was just another great experience.. and now it's over...or the beginning of the ever after of the new or renewed  habits we have formed.

What we do next important.

We have made important writing connections this summer that we can continue. In the past participants have shared writing through email..   We can still post writing on National Writing Project Summer Writes through the remainder of the summer.

In addition, we may want to start our own writing groups-- in our schools and in our communities.

After I completed the summer institute in 2005, that fall I began two after-school groups--one for teachers and one for students.  Both groups lasted several years.

If you are interested in creating a writing community, this previous post, Writing Communities, may be a starting place.  It was written as last year's summer institute ended.

Most of our teachers feel compelled to do something special after this transformative experience.

What will you develop/create/initiate?

Resources for Writers

Columbus Area Writing Project

National Writing Project

Nita Sweeney's Newsletter for Writing Events, Classes and More

Ohioana Library and Ohioana Newsletter for Literary News in Ohio

And finally here is a publishing opportunity from OJELA, the professional journal of OCTELA (Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts). See this link for more information

OJELA Call for Manuscripts

Today's Deeper Writing Possibilities

How do we continue to keep our writing habit alive?
How do we establish writing communities for ourselves?
How else can you be supported as a writer?

Write about several ways that you can create a writing community in which you can share writing, receive feedback, as well as provide it from other writers, and  establish a space for ongoing support?

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